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DJFAME: Fine tracks und party time at your celebration too.

(Your) Favourite DJ for all kinds of celebrations, birthday party & wedding as well as corporate or trade show event.

Records played "old school" on turntables, from original records*, exclusively from vinyl singles.

Theme party, at customer's option** or DJ's choice – always best music mix.



Themes /Mixes

Surf & Rockabilly

French Yé-yé & Chanson

Alternative & Modern Britpop

Soul & Funk party

80ies New Wave & Eletronics

Sixties Beat, RnB & Psych

70ies Bubblegum & Glam'n'Glitter

Ska & 60s Freakbeat

Rock'n'Roll français

Italian Dj-set: Cantautori, Beat & Pop


* For the experts among us: Who has ever heard Lola from The Kings or The Who on mono (monaural) vinyl single, knows the difference. ** A notebook can be provided on request.



An assortment of Playlists DJ-ing Event at vernissage, album release party, and birthday party.



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