FLyer Silvestival 2015 Nuremberg

>SILVESTIVAL 2015 - New Year's Eve vinyl-records-party. DJ Matth Fame at Town Hall. flyer: city of Nuremberg


Flyer exhibition Homebase Kunsthalle Nuremberg

>DJ-ing exhibition launch "Homebase. Das Interieur in der Gegenwartskunst", Kunsthalle. town's exhibition hall. flyer: city of Nuremberg

spinning turntable

This is not a jewelry image. The DJ spins real vinyl records.



Dj Matth Fame @ Salon Regina Nuremberg

45s vinyl disc jockey

Check out THE SINGLE VINYL MIXTAPES at Mixcloud!




Well-known, iconic, sometimes trashy, mixed from original 45s vinyl - 7" vinyl singles.

Djing with 45 vinyls


Styles / Genres

Rock'n'Roll, 60s beat, twist, surf, ska, 2-tone, rocksteady, soca, r'n'b, modern & northern soul, funk, freakbeat, psychedelic, glam'n'glitter, bubblegum, 70s disco, new wave, post-punk, 80ies synthpop, indie electronic, alternative, britpop, french 60s vague yéyé, chanson, italian anni '60, cantautori italiani, bossa, mambo, gypsy & jazz.


Themes / Events


The facets of french chanson from the great Piaf, the rock'n'roll Johnny Hallyday's up to the 60s yéyé and from Le "Chanteur énervant" Renaud up to Noir Désir.

British Invasion

From the beginning of post-punk in the 70s with Joy Division and the british avant-garde electronic Fad Gadget over the 80ies New Wave of U2, Depeche Mode and The Cure to current indie and alternative music from the UK.


FAME'S Beat-nighter. The superb beat party.


From the music of the "King of Rock'n'Roll" over the swinging 60ies with Beatles & Stones, Dick Dale's surf music to motown, northern soul and the freakbeat by The Who up to the psychedelic songs of The Doors.

Life on Mars

From 70ies Glam of Ziggy Stardust, rock'n'roll with futuristic androgynous aesthetics, the unforgettable "Metal Guru" T-Rex to the bubblegum pop of The Sweet and Gary Glitter.



Booking for festival, club, birthday party, wedding, corporate event, New Year's Eve.

DJ booking



Last but not least: Fame's MUSIC TIPPS

Poster British Invasion All-nighter. Original UK music from 45 vinyls, Zentralcafe at town hall arts center Nuremberg

>British Invasion All-nighter. Original UK music & vinyl-only.


Poster Tanztee Amoure Salon Regina Nuremberg

>French-Nighter (2003-2015 Zwingerbar). Now Tanztee Amoure, french eve with chanson, 60s yé-yé & 80ies pop music, played from 7-inch vinyl singles. Sunday /Dimanche in the afternoon at Salon Regina, Fürther Str. 64 Nuremberg. Check out Events Calendar